A proven model of care

Aspen Magdalene House will be Utah’s first Thistle Farms house for Utah victims

There are 64 Thistle Farm communities nation-wide

3-pronged approach

75% are living successful, financially independent lives 5 years after graduation

Safe Housing

Aspen House will provide shelter, care and healing over 2 years

Meaningful Job

A social enterprise teaches residents valuable skills

Lifelong Support

Surrounded by a sisterhood of support that lasts a lifetime

Thistle Farms

After experiencing her father's death and subsequent child abuse when she was 5, Becca Stevens wanted to open a sanctuary for survivors offering a loving community. In 1997, Stevens opened Thistle Farms' first home as a sanctuary for five women survivors. Four years later, the women were making great strides in recovery but struggling to become financially self-sufficient due to employment barriers. Stevens gathered volunteers and her residents to solve this problem and began to make candles in a church basement. After that, Thistle Farms social enterprises were born.
Thistle Farms is a nonprofit social enterprise dedicated to helping survivors recover and heal from prostitution, trafficking and addiction. Thistle Farms does this by providing a safe place to live, a meaningful job and a lifelong sisterhood of support.
How Love Heals
Together, the community can heal by ensuring access to safe and supportive housing, financial independence and a community of support. Together, we rise against systems that commoditize, criminalize and abuse women.