Our two-year residential community offers women survivors of exploitation, including human trafficking, the space to heal and thrive.

Provide victims of trafficking and exploitation a proven path forward

Our Model

Our model is based on the successful residential & treatment program of Thistle Farms in Nashville, TN. It has 25 years of experience and a further 57 independent residential sister programs across the U.S. following the model.

Our Motto

Love heals. Love is the most powerful force for good in the world

Our Mission

Provide a home-like residence offering a safe and nurturing environment to empower women on a path to self-sufficiency

Under our model, 75% of graduates live successful, financially independent lives 5 years after graduation

Human Trafficking occurs in every state including Utah

How trafficking is occuring in Utah

Familial Trafficking
Massage Parlors
Homeless youth and vulnerable adults
Nail Salons
Romantic Partner

251 Utah victims and growing

In 2019, there were 251 known victims in Utah

Polaris Project estimates human trafficking has grown by 40% during the pandemic

Police say “not even the tip of the iceberg”

On March 24, 2022, 24 people were arrested in Utah sex trafficking operation. In October 2021, a Bountiful man was charged with multiple felony charges of human trafficking. In September 2021, the AG’s office busted 6 massage parlors exploiting young women in Utah and SLC counties

in December 2020, a sex trafficking bust resulted in 18 Weber County arrests

Human trafficking is second to drug trade in criminal activity at $150 billion per year and growing

A proven model of care

Aspen Magdalene House is Utah’s first organization to join the Thistle Farm National Network. 

We will be the first in Utah to implement the successful Thistle Farms model!  

There are already 57 open residential programs in the network nation-wide with 35 more in development. We are joining a vast network of support and success!

3-pronged approach

75% are living successful, financially independent lives 5 years after graduation

Safe Housing

Aspen House will provide free shelter, care and trauma healing for over 2 years

Meaningful Employment

A social enterprise teaches residents valuable skills and encourages self-sufficiency

Lifelong Support

Surrounded by a sisterhood of love and support that lasts a lifetime

Help us give victims and survivors
the opportunity to be healed in Utah

A month of care


(less than our penal system and more successful)


A year of care


(less than our penal system and more successful)


A lifetime of Care


(less than our penal system and more successful)


Meet Brandy and Brittney 

Brittany and Brandy are two Utah women who survived being sex trafficked and are helping lead Aspen House development.

Anyone can fall victim to human trafficking. However, vulnerable populations with little social and legal protection are most at risk.  70% are women and risk may be higher where more extreme gender discrimination exists. 

Thistle Farms is a survivor led organization.

Working together to improve lives in Utah

The Aspen Magdalene Board is a working board made up of community and industry leaders and volunteers who believe we must do better in caring for Utah’s victims of human trafficking.

We kicked off with our first public event, a ‘lunch and learn.” on October 7, 2021.